Press release #3 – 31 Jan 2019

The final set of Qualification Rules is published.
Just a few changes:

3. EU#1 and EU#3
3. I – one TL per SA*
5.6 Official WRTC stations and Organizing Committee don’t count for qualifications

So now let me say to everybody “Good luck” for your qualification to WRTC 2022 !
73 and buona fortuna 
WRTC 2022 Team

Press release #2 – 21 Jan 2019

After the opening of the WRTC 2022 Mailing List the WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee is happy to publish some modifications to the Qualification Rules and an explanation document (FAQ).

On the website the complete new Qualifications Rules are now available HERE: there are some Selection Area adjustments and definitions, some changes in TM and TL Selections, and a revised weighting factor for Low Power. A complete list of changes from the preliminary rules is included at the end of the Qualification Rules document.

Please check not only the rules but also the FAQ document.
We will certify these Qualification Rules as “Final” at the end of January, since on the 16th of February there will be the first qualifying contest: the ARRL International DX CW Contest.

73 and buona fortuna!
WRTC 2022 Team

Press release #1 – 31 Dec 2018

The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee is happy to publish the Initial Qualification Rules and Mailing List instructions at 
On the Mailing List page you will find the schedule for when updates to the Qualification Rules will be published. Everybody can register to be updated about all events and share ideas and sentiments.
We are now approaching the beginning of a very challenging qualification process that engages many contesters all over the world. Reading through the Qualification Rules you will realize that qualification is not impossible.  Even better news – if you don’t qualify as a Team Leader you will also have a chance to be a WRTC 2022 Team Mate if your Qualification Score is high enough. Qualifying scores can be reached with normal participation in important contests over the next two years.
16 Feb 2019 – First qualifying contest, ARRL International DX CW
WRTC 2022 in Italy will be within your reach –  give yourself a chance! 

73 and buona fortuna!
WRTC 2022 Team